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Eye discomfort or problems with vision can happen unexpectedly at any time.  That's why at Eye Center, Inc. we care for patients with any kind of eye condition that may occur.  Even if we have a full schedule, our doctors routinely see patients the same day for unscheduled eye emergencies.  Your vision is irreplaceable and we understand that sudden changes in vision or the development of eye pain or discomfort need to be taken care of immediately.

Many conditions of the eyes can become worse over time and can even become sight-threatening.  If you are experiencing new symptoms with your vision or with the appearance or comfort of your eyes, contact us right away so that one of our doctors can evaluate you and begin the appropriate treatment.  Examples of some of these symptoms might be:

*Sudden loss or interruption of vision

*Injuries to the eye

*Eye infections

*Sudden appearance of a red eye

*Sudden double vision

*Eye pain

*The feeling of something being in the eye


*Floaters and/or flashes

*Allergic reactions

*Eyelid swelling or bumps on the eyelid

These are just some of the more common examples of possible reasons to see one of our doctors for immediate treatment.  Whether the treatment requires a prescription for eye drops, removal of a foreign object from the eye, spectacle or contact lens correction, or long-term care, our board-certified optometrists are experts at evaluating and managing all types of eye conditions.