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At The Eye Center we strive to tailor each patient's glasses to their unique needs. We believe that no one set of lenses works for everyone, therefore we use some of the best products in the industry to deliver the latest and best technology to our patients. Our mission is to learn the needs of our patients and recommend the best options available to provide them the most functional and clear vision, ensuring their satisfaction. Some available products include:

  • At Eye Center Inc., we have many materials ranging from CR-39 (standard plastic), to thinner lighter weight lenses such as Mid to High index lenses ranging from 1.55 to 1.74. We also utilize Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses which provide increased safety with their impact resistance when appropriate. Our opticians help the patient choose the best material based on the strength of their prescription and their needs.
  • The industry standard in progressive lenses (also known as no line bifocals) has shifted to digitally designed “free form” progressives which employ the use of computers to create personalized and optimized vision. At Eye Center Inc., we use both Hoya and Essilor designed progressives, the two industry leaders, to deliver the latest technology to our patients.
  • A quality Non-Glare coating is often the best addition to any new pair of lenses. When it comes to non-glare coatings quality and reputation matter and that is why we only use coatings from Essilor and Hoya as they have revolutionized the integrity and performance of the benefits of non-glare technology. As the industry standard, these coatings carry a two year warranty from scratching, crazing or peeling. Within the family of non-glare coatings are many options that can be used to accomplish different goals and help with unique needs.
  • Protecting your eyes from the sun is a priority, and at Eye Center Inc. we offer polarized and Transition lenses, as well as clip-on frames to meet your needs. These lenses offer complete protection from harmful UV radiation which can be very damaging to our sensitive eyes. We also have many different mirror coating options available so that your sunglasses can achieve the look you are looking for.
  • Computer progressives are new to our lineup. An increasing percentage of patients are using their computers for 8-10 hours a day and new lenses are being designed to meet these specific needs. These lenses are designed primarily for use at the computer and offer a much wider field of viewing for intermediate tasks while also offering distance and near vision.
  • The Spectangle Pro is our unique dispensing tool that helps in all aspects of the eyewear dispensing process. Spectangle Pro captures all of your eyewear measurements using one single frontal image. With any eyeglasses prescription, the accuracy of the measurements are imperative for optimal performance of the lenses.
  • We offer one hour service for certain lenses at our Cortez location.
  • Blue light filtering lenses are the latest area of research in the optical field. At Eye Center Inc, we now offer Bluetech lenses as an add-on to our patients whom might benefit from the filtering of blue light.
  • We strive to offer the best value to our patients and currently have packages for single vision, bifocals/trifocals, and progressives, that offer the most competitive pricing for the best technology the industry has to offer.