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Here at Eye Center Inc., we take your eye health seriously.  We are fully trained and capable of managing all of your eye care needs.  It is recommended that everyone have a routine comprehensive eye exam every year. 

However, there are instances when patients require more extensive medical testing in addition to routine care.  For example, diabetic eye exams, glaucoma diagnosis and management, high risk medication monitoring, and macular degeneration are a few of the tests we perform. 

We have invested substantial resources over the years and are now equipped with the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment available.

Along with performing dilated eye exams to assess the health inside the eye, we have, at our disposal, the latest in retinal imaging, The Optos Daytona, or Optomap. 

As the name implies, the Optos provides a detailed photograph or map of the entire retina through a non-dilated pupil.  Aside from being an educational tool to demonstrate to you, the patient, any conditions present in the eye, the Optomap is second to none in providing the doctor with a baseline to monitor the progression of any ocular disease.  We are one of only a few private practices with this available.

We have the latest technology in the diagnosis and monitoring of Age Related Macular Degeneration.  The Zeiss Ciruss 4000 Optical Coherence Topographer or OCT is the same one used by retinal specialists in the treatment of macular degeneration.  The OCT is an established medical imaging technique that uses light to capture micrometer-resolution, three dimensional images from within biological tissue.  One could think of it as an MRI of the eye that obtains detailed images from within the retina.

Eye Center Inc., also has the newest Zeiss Humphries Field Analizer for the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.  This test is also crucial in monitoring patients for ocular side effects that can occur with certain high risk systemic medications.

Having the best and most recent technology available is a must in today’s ever changing world of medicine.  At Eye Center Inc., you can be assured that you have access to this technology, along with a warm and caring Optometric Physician, taking the time to explain treatment options allowing you, the patient, to make an informed, confident medical decision.