Christmas is right around the corner and we’re here to inform you about toys that are dangerous to your child’s eyes.

Five toys that are high risk for eye injuries:

  1. Projectile Toys
    • Any toy that shoots projectile, including soft darts can be a hazard to your child. Toys that can shoot up to 75 feet, especially. These toys travel at high-speed and if used in close range, they can cause serious eye injuries. We recommend using protective eyewear.
  2. Laser Points and Bright Lights
    • Direct exposure to laser pointers or bright lights can cause permanent vision loss or temporary blindness. If you decide to purchase a toy with a bright light or laser pointer, make sure your child is aware of the severity of eye damage the toy can cause and remind them to not shine directly into their or anyone else’s eyes.
  3. Wands, Swords, Sabers
    • Kids love sword fights…we get it. Just make sure they know to aim for the neck down, or preferably their opponent’s weapon only!
  4. Water Guns and Water Balloons
    • When water guns or water balloons are used at close range, your child is at risk of permanent vision loss or retinal detachment.
  5. Fireworks
    • Fireworks should always be handled by an adult. If your child is struck in the face, it can cause serious irreversible injuries and burns. Always wear protective glasses while working with fireworks.

Should your child happen to suffer from an eye injury, you must act fast. If a foreign object is stuck in your child’s eye, do not try to remove it. By attempting to remove the object, you could cause further damage. Take your child to the closest emergency room immediately and if possible tape a styrofoam or paper cup over the eye to protect it during your travel.

After hour and and weekend emergencies happen, and we’re here for you. If the injury is subtle, call our 24 hour service line at (941) 756-2020. If your child’s eye is protruding or bleeding, go to the emergency room promptly.

We know your child loves the toys listed above, and let’s be honest…so do we! If you plan to purchase your child any of the aforementioned toys, make sure to read the label and look for the letters ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). If you see these letters, it means that the toy conforms to national safety standards.

Have a safe and very Merry Christmas!